Our aim is simple.


We want your business to look great. We strive to create appropriate and effective design, and produce great looking signs by blending traditional skills and modern technologies, where suitable, with the care and integrity of the true craftsmen.


Using quality materials, our work is built to last.

Trends come and go, but good design remains. Bespoke fabrication is undertaken in our purpose-built workshop, and site work is carried out nationwide, so let us create the right image for your business, vehicle or space.

About Ross

Having first picked up a signwriting brush at just 12 years old, and actively practising ever since, Ross’s life has based itself around the love of this beautiful craft.

Our Process: Attention to detail, the old-fashioned way.



99% of jobs start with a pencil sketch. This will arrive in your inbox, paired with a quote, once you have sent us an email with all the required information about a potential job. Please see How to Order a Sign for further details.


This is typically done to a scale, and is a quick visual representation of our answer to the problem. We spend anything from 15 minutes up to a maximum of 2 hours at this stage. It is not a polished artwork but it is intended to show you clearly the style we envisage.


When all of the required artwork for a potential job is supplied by the client in a digital format, a pencil sketch is not necessary. A digital representation of the layout can be produced if requested.



Once we have approval of the sketch and quote, and have received the requested deposit, we can set about bringing the design to life. Most often this involves producing a full scale pattern of the job, referring to the sketch. These full scale patterns are 100% hand drawn, computer drawn or where appropriate are produced using a combination of both hand and computer drawn elements. Some jobs are best tackled by simply sketching the lettering onto the surface directly using chalk, letting my brush define the shapes.


On jobs which are too large to use a paper pattern, a more precise scale drawing be produced slightly larger than the sketch, which can then be dimensioned such that the design can be drawn on the surface directly, to scale. Sometimes the scale drawing will be projected onto the surface where appropriate.


All of our sign boards are fabricated in-house using a variety of different woods, Aluminium Composite or a combination of the two. Frames for external signs are constructed using quality hardwood. Dimensional signage elements can be made in wood.


Wooden elements are flattened and primed, then built up in coats of brushed Marine Quality Undercoat and Gloss (or Satin). Where appropriate they are finished in Marine Quality Clear Varnish.


Aluminium Composite elements are flattened and coated in quality Automotive Paint. Where appropriate they are finished with Automotive Clearcoat.


We take inspiration from across the spectrum of traditional and contemporary design. Our colour choices, lettering styles and effects are carefully chosen for each individual project. We consider styles and trends correct to the (intended) era, and aim to be in keeping with established themes in each individual shop, restaurant, hotel, bar etc.


Signwriting and Artwork

Lettering, graphics and artwork are rendered the traditional way using a brush, paint and mahl-stick. We can paint most surfaces including but not limited to; signboards, wood, metal, glass, vehicles, boats, interior and exterior walls.


Signwriting and artwork both internal and external is produced in quality Signwriting Enamel. Often elements are gilded in gold leaf, or any other available metal leaf. Gold leaf, especially when seen in sunlight, looks beautiful and conveys an image of prestige to potential customers. An airbrush may be used to embellish and add special effects and faux dimension. We use a variety of traditional and artistic techniques such as glazing, staining and ragging to create a distressed look where intended.


We use 23.5kt Gold Leaf (unless otherwise instructed) on all Gilding jobs. We can apply gold or any other available metal leaf to various surfaces, both internal and external, using a traditional oil size. We can also create beautiful gold leaf window signs by painting the design in reverse on the back of the glass, and applying the gold with a mirror finish or matte finish.



Ross is respected worldwide in the art of pinstriping, having pinstriped multiple magazine featured and award-winning motorcycles, custom cars and trucks. We can offer custom pinstriping designs bespoke to your vehicle. We can also offer traditional straight-line pinstriping, known as coach-lining, painted by hand to complete the restoration of a vintage vehicle.


If you'd like to order signage then we'd love to hear from you.

Please click on the link below to find out what we need from you to start the process.


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