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I started learning to pinstripe and signwrite at 12 years old, and have been hooked ever since. My first workshop was a small 8x6 shed in my mothers garden, an extension cable out the kitchen window supplying light and sound. After leaving school at 17, having already acquired and read all the old signwriting books I could find, I worked part-time for 6 months before deciding I had to go for it! I contacted as many signwriters in the UK as possible and embarked on a 3 month trip around the country working with, living with and absorbing knowledge from 12 different signwriters in total.

The following year went out to the USA for 3 months to do a similar thing, and upon returning set up Ross Hastie Signs as a full time business. Another year on and I had taken on the workshop in Alloa, to expand into more fabrication work and facilitate work on motorcycles and vintage vehicles, which has become a specialty alongside regular onsite signwriting work.


Fast forward 6 years and the workshop is now fully kitted out with everything required (see dart board above), and almost set up just right. I have jobs all over the UK, from the Isle of Skye to Central London, and have been lucky enough to have had my work recognised within the industry, having featured in 'Signcraft Magazine', 'Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine' and 'BLAG Magazine'. My paintwork is on numerous award winning and magazine featured cars, commercials and motorcycles, and Ross Hastie Signs was a finalist in GoForth's 'Outstanding Contribution to the City of Stirling' award last year. I am still just as passionate about the work and my clients, and I'm friendly with and keep in contact with those that have helped me along the way. I always aim to take an annual trip to the USA to paint at the Walldogs Mural Festivals (see our 2023 railway wall in Florida in the 'Murals & Artwork' section), and continue to strive to put a little heart and soul into every job I do.

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