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Ross specialises in traditional signwriting, pinstriping and custom paintwork on vintage and custom vehicles. He is widely regarded as the 'go to guy' for this kind of work in the Scottish vintage motorcycle and custom car scene. He has been a featured artist in 'Kustom Graphics' magazine, and painted 20+ award winning and magazine featured cars, commercials and bikes.



From traditional signwriting and lining on vintage commercials, to custom lettering, pinstriping designs and artwork on hot-rods and race cars. Period correct graphics can be designed to suit the age and nature of the project, or reproduced from photographs for the ultimate authenticity during a restoration process. Be it a custom scooter, period race/rally car, vintage lorry or a classic promotional vehicle for a current business, I always keen to be involved. Hand painted pinstriping (and logos) on vintage motorcycles and vehicles applied to factory specs allow restorers to finish projects as authentically. I'm always keen to be involved in these projects. 

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